Danny Brito

Musician - Artist - Composer - Educator


Drum Set - Percussion - Improvisation - Masterclass


As an educator my main goal is not to dictate or mold, but to arm the student with tools to flourish and express oneself in any style of music. I believe there is a strong connection between successful, inspiring artists and knowledge and respect to our approach. As I focus on providing information, approaches and personal experience in the Afro Cuban discipline of Drum Set and Percussion, I hope to share my love of this music with a community of musicians who are striving to add this language into their musical journey. 

When it comes to adding Afro - Cuban approaches to your playing, it is important to note that the rhythms performed within the umbrella of this genre, can be like a massive web to try to untangle. There are a vast array of styles to tackle for sure! It is for this reason that I prefer to encourage all students to learn basic Conga and yes.....Guiro technique. In order to play these styles one needs to be a well rounded percussionist first. My lessons will navigate through most major percussion instruments before moving to drum set. These include Tumbadoras (Congas), Bongo, Guiro, Maraca, Cencerro / Hierro (Cowbell hand-held technique), Shekere/Agbe, and Timbales.  We will focus on most major styles including, Changui, Cha - Cha Cha, Son Tipico, Mambo, Mozambique, Pilon, Songo, Bolero, 6/8 styles and others. 

On Drum set, the lessons will focus on implementing your new found ability on the hand percussion and apply it to the drums. Also, learning independance on all limbs will be a goal for more advanced drummer. We will also visit Improvisational tendencies so that your soloing in this style can sound authentic and creative. 

It is my goal to provide a platform for eager players to form their own style and approches while respecting this beautiful music's history. 

If you are interested and/or have any question please feel free to contact me. Navigate to the Contact tab on the menu. I Look forward to meeting you. 

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