Danny Brito

Musician - Artist - Composer - Educator

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Guanachicano is a play on two words. Guanaco is a what Salvodorian and Gautemala natives call each other in playful and freindly manner. Chicano is a chosen identity of Mexican Americans in the United States. Being that there are 2 members of the group from Guatemala/El Salvador, and 2 from the Border town of Nogales Arizona, combining the two words into one word best describes this music group. The result is a blend of Jazz, South and Central American Pop, Latin Jazz, Mexican Folk, and contemporary R&B stylizations. "Proyecto Guanachicano" is sure to capture and satisfy your sonic palette with their unique approach to music



Amilcar Guevara was born in El Salvador in 1958 into a family with a musical background based in traditional Latin rhythms and melodies. The first instrument he learned to play was the Marimba with its combined elements of percussion, harmony and melody. From there he quickly moved on to piano and keyboards during his school years, eventually spending a year at the Conservatory of Music in Guatemala. Amilcar brings a colurful style with many textures and Jazz influenced harmonies to the group. 

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Born and raised in  Chimaltenango, Guatemala,  J.C. moved to Los Angeles at age 15. This cross culture experience caused for his growth as an artist to mold into a unique voice that can expand across a myriad of genres.  



Drummer, Percussionist, Composer and Producer of Guanachicano. An in-demand performing musician, Danny is at home creating and following his passion to compose heartfelt works. 

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Manny has been a busy professionl in the Southwest Arizona region for many years now. Manny combines his education in Jazz improvisation and also his love for music from the Barrio as in Cumbias, Corridos and Boleros , to bring a heartfelt performance on both the Guitar and Bass.